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American Pearl

Double Strand Clasps

Keeping your pearls safe includes the right choice of clasp. Each of these double strand necklace clasps is durable and reliable enough to trust with your cherished pearls. They won't allow the necklace to slip from your neck at any time. Plus, each one has an elegant design that effectively gives your pearl strands a style upgrade. You'll go from the simple, plain clasp you currently have to one with plenty of shine and sparkle. Several styles are available as well, including square knots and interlocked links, to give you options when it comes to appearance. You can even choose our popular Mabe Clasp, which features a pearl bezel setting to add to the elegance of your pearl strands.

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Mabe Clasp
Link 18K White and Yellow Gold Clasp
Square Knot Clasp   Stock# C-101
Square Knot Clasp  Stock# C-102