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American Pearl 2003 Catalog - Page 1

When I first established American Pearl in 1950, my vision was to create a different kind of company. Our philosophy was simple: To provide the finest pearls at the best possible prices.

I never originally intended to sell to the public, rather my reputation as an expert on pearls was purely amongst buyers for upscale jewelers and stores. Somehow, however, my small office in the diamond and jewelry district in Manhattan, gradually became public knowledge - and so the public began to show up unannounced. I have always believed in being straight and true with my customers, and I find a certain joy in making people happy, so I offered my pearls at the same prices I gave the stores. Itís generally accepted that when you have a good product at a fair price word spreads, and that is how American Pearl has grown.

Over the fifty years Iíve been in the business I have built long standing relationships with pearl farmers all over the world. Relationships that go beyond business. I have been true to my suppliers regardless of market conditions, and as a consequence the farmers gather and safeguard their finest pearls for me. During this time I have also made many friendships, with customers and suppliers alike. I like to believe that because American Pearl is a family business, the family values I have of trust, integrity and honesty are also part of our companyís culture, and that this is apparent to the people we meet and work with.

So, half a century after I originally started American Pearl, the arrival of the Internet, combined with my worldwide experience seeking out the finest pearls, has made the company more relevant than ever. My son Edward has recently taken over the day to day running of the business. His knowledge of modern technology and his love of fine pearl jewelry are assets that benefit American Pearl enormously. Please be my guest and take your time looking over the pieces Iíve selected for this yearís catalog. If nothing on the next thirty six pages catches your eye, you might like to visit our web site where we have hundreds of other pieces on show.

Over the years weíve found that what was originally a philosophy has become a passion. A passion that all our customers can benefit from.

Sincerely yours,

Charlie Bakhash

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