You've Chosen Black South Sea Necklaces, Now Choose a Necklace Composition Style

When composing a black Tahitian south sea necklace, a pearl designer has the option of selecting a size range for this necklace that can range from 1 millimeter to 3 millimeters from the smallest pearls on either end to the largest center. Uniform necklaces with a 1mm graduation range somehow seem most elegant and understated. Other necklaces with a broader range of graduation make more of an impact as the center pearl can be up to 3mm larger than the end pearls. Uniform necklaces are always the rarest, as their are so few pearls in a given size range that match in size, color, shape and quality. Please choose your preference, and click on one of the necklaces below to continue.

Tahitian Pearl Necklaces
Tahitian Pearl Necklace

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