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Tahitian pearls, particularly black Tahitian pearls, are grown in the sea near French Polynesia. The main island of the large French Polynesian area is Tahiti, which is where these pearls get their name. These beautiful, clear waters are where these pearls are found, but they’re still extremely rare because the specific type of oyster that produces them rarely survives long enough to produce any.

Tahitian black pearls are not always pure black. They come in a variety of dark colors that have sheens and luscious overtones like dark green, pink, purple and gray. And, like most other pearl choices, these pearls come in different shapes and sizes.

American Pearl offers an elegant collection of black Tahitian pearl jewelry. We carry necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants and keepsake loose Pearls. Our earrings, rings and pendants come in an assortment of settings like white gold, yellow gold and platinum. And, if you want something even more luxurious, we have pieces that incorporate diamonds that beautifully complement our Tahitian pearls.

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