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Akoya Pearl Necklaces

Akoya Pearl Necklaces

Natural White

When you purchase TRUE AAA quality, you are getting the finest quality, round and clean akoya natural color cultured pearls available anywhere in the world, selected from the top pick of each new harvest. Since 1950, we are the only company that offers TRUE AAA quality that actually compares to an authentic Mikimoto AAA quality (the originator of AAA quality and the best quality in the world). We do not break or diminish the AAA standard; hence the TRUE AAA label. That's why American Pearl was unbiasedly featured in the book The Millionaire's Handbook by Vicky Oliver. Each TRUE AAA necklace includes a pearl Identification Report, using the GIA Pearl Grading System.

To help its clients understand its pricing scheme, Mikimoto's gemologists created the first widely recognized system for grading Akoya pearls using a grading system that uses the following grading nomenclature: A, A+, AA and AAA. In the Mikimoto grading system all its "A" graded pearl strands fall within the top five (5%) percent of the pearl harvest, with each sub-grade improving in quality and value.

American Pearl can achieve the same consistently high grading standards as Mikimoto because the master strands used by our GIA trained gemologists have been indexed to equivalently graded strands from Mikimoto using side by side comparison and lab testing. Our GIA trained gemologists then use these Mikimoto indexed master strands to grade every strand of akoya pearls that we sell. To provide our clients with further assurance of quality, all of our AAA graded strands are available with a report from the Gemological Institute of America--the most prestigious non-profit gemological institute in the world. In short, American Pearl guarantees that if you compare our strands side by side with equivalently graded strands from Mikimoto, the equivalently graded American Pearl strand will be of equal or greater quality. American Pearl backs this guaranty up with a no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee on Akoya pearl necklaces.

American Pearl understands that it is difficult for our clients to compare the differences in quality between our pearls and those of our competitors, many of whom are selling so-called AAA strands for less (and in many cases more than American Pearl). It is important that our clients understand that there is no universally accepted standard for grading pearls. This deficiency gives pearl vendors license to create their own grading system and, unfortunately, they often create systems that are designed to promote the sale of their products, even if those products are of inferior quality. Please do not fall into this trap. The only way to appreciate the difference between the finest quality pearls and lower quality pearls is to comparison shop . We, therefore, strongly encourage our clients to visit Mikimoto, Tiffany & Co. and other fine jewelry stores before visiting our showroom or purchasing pearls from this site. In addition, our GIA trained gemologists are available to answer any pearl related question you may have at any time between the hours of 10am and 6pm either by calling 1-800-847-3275 (international callers dial 212-764-1845) or emailing or by posting your questions to American Pearl's educational forum Pearl-Education