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American Pearl 2005 Catalog Cover

Pearls are not mined, cut, shaped, or redefined. They are born. Evolving naturally from a speck inside an oyster shell, they have represented the epitome of purity and sophistication since Cleopatra’s time.

Our founder Charlie Bakhash embraced this eternal obsession, too. It drove him to grow American Pearl from a small midtown storefront in 1950 to a business that redefined the industry, and made him the talk of it. From Japan to Hong Kong to Australia, Tahiti and Indonesia, Charlie cultivated sources, friends, contacts, experience, knowledge and – more important – access to the finest pearls in the world.

The network of relationships he created is his precious legacy, his pearl. It remains the foundation of our business and is the reason we can promise the world’s highest quality pearls at prices that are truly wholesale and because we import direct, and because we’re always guaranteed the cream of our farmers’ crops: flawless, unblemished, the top 1% of the harvest.

Each pearl is uniquely beautiful in its own right. Like the women they adorn, and the places that give birth to them. Throughout these pages, you’ll get a flavor of these remote regions where Charlie blazed a trail, each of which produces exquisitely distinctive variations of this marine miracle. We hope you’ll also get a better sense of how the ocean’s greatest treasure can satisfy a range of gifting needs. The American Pearl web site promises much more information, more products, more stories and more suggestions, as does American Diamond, the renowned gemstones side of our business, highlighted on page 36.

Together, they offer a more rewarding online jewelrybuying experience all round. We invite you to visit and browse not simply to your heart’s content, but in the expectation that you’ll actually find it.

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