10x13mm Multicolor Necklace
13x15mm Multicolor Necklace

  10x14mm Baroque Necklace  

  This 10x12mm Multicolor South Sea Baroque Pearl necklace borrows one of each of the colors available from all of the South Sea pearl producing oysters, this multicolor necklace is art in form. Featuring Tahitian black pearls—the most exotic and mystical of all pearls harvested in the world. Adding to its mystic is the broad array of colors that this peculiar Silver Lipped oyster from French Polynesia delivers. The lip of the oyster is not unlike a rainbow displaying the full color spectrum in a narrow stripe bordering the oysters rim. Each pearl on this spectacular multicolor necklace borrows one color from the black pearl color spectrum and refines it into a dark based incandescent glow forming none other than a multicolor pearl rainbow. White, Golden, Cream, Grey and Black are the colors that make up this 16 inch necklace. Characterized by their irregular, distorted shapes, many pearl aficionados prefer the natural look and feel of these so called "baroque" cultured pearls that have no axis of symmetry. When worn around the neck, many women feel that their irregularities add to their beauty. Strung on silk thread this necklace is affixed with American Pearl's 18K yellow gold clasp. This necklace is A qualty—the highest grade for South Sea Pearls. For other multicolor Necklaces see matching items.

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