South Sea Pearl Ring
South Sea Pearl Earring

  11.5X15 mm Baroque Necklace  

  This 11.5mm graduating to 15mm White Silver Australian Baroque South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace boasts 27 pearls perfectly matched for color, shape and luster. Characterized by their irregular, distorted shapes, many pearl aficionados prefer the natural look and feel of these so called "baroque" cultured pearls that have no axis of symmetry. When worn around the neck, many women feel that their irregularities add to their beauty. Either way, the allure of white cultured south sea baroque pearls is not only in their natural look, but their affordability as compared to round pearls. You can purchase a necklace of these pearls without going baroque. This necklace is 18 inches long and strung on silk thread and affixed with our 18K white gold Knot Clasp. Pearls are graded A Quallity, the highest mark for South Sea Pearls. To complete the style with earrings and rings check out matching items.

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