Mission Statement

This is not your ordinary press release but this is not an ordinary time in America.

I am the founder of SAVED BY A THREAD, INC. whose sole mission is to "save the world by a thread," by donating a percentage of its profits to charities.

During this time of tragedy, my mission is still to "save the world by a thread," but also to spread the symbol of the American flag while donating ALL PROFITS to the World Trade Center fund set up by Variety-The Children’s Charity (see attached). This fund will be used to provide financial assistance for the children and families who have suffered injury and loss from the tragedy, including those children and families of our brave and courageous police and fire departments.

I have sold over 150 shirts and I am already in profit mode but I need help… a duffel bag can only hold so much! My mission is to have this specific tee shirt symbolize the time, the benefit, and the cause. The navy blue tee is in honor of the FDNY and NYPD and the American Flag with the logo UNITED WE STAND represents everything America stands for.

You can buy a tee shirt off www.savedbyathread.com for $15.00 plus shipping and handling. Credit card orders will be processed through AmericanPearl.com, whose overwhelming support is helping to make the Saved By A Thread site, and mission, possible.

This project is all me, all my heart, all my passion. I hope you feel the same way.

My prayers are with everyone during this time.

Thank you for helping to save the world by a thread.