7mm Oval 18K Gold Plunger Clasp

  • 7mm Oval 18K Gold Plunger Clasp
  • Item #: C-119 JK18520
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stock number: C-119  

7mm Oval 18K Gold Plunger Clasp

Enhance your favorite single-strand pearl jewelry with an 18k white gold Oval Plunger Clasp. The replacement clasp plunger is for use with pearl strands up to 7 mm in size and has a beautiful matte textured finish. For additional styles, please see our large collection of clasps in a variety of metals and designs to compliment any strand and any occasion.

The C-119 replacement plunger clasp is made of 18k white gold and can be paired with white, black or other colors of pearls. The single-strand clasp is easy to install, though jeweler installation is recommended for the best results. The clasp is easy to use 1-handed and is a great enhancement to your favorite pearl bracelet. Plunger clasps sold by American Pearl come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

metal: 18K white gold  
rows: single strand  
size: .5x.35mm  
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      This product ships within a day to arrive within 3 days of the time you order it. Customized orders can take longer to ship as they are hand made. This item is unconditionally guaranteed by American Pearl for the authenticity of the gold or platinum, the natural color of the pearl and the workmanship. If you are not 100% satisfied with this item, please return it for a full refund.