7 x 7.5mm AA Quality 51 Inch Cultured Pearl Necklace

  • 7 x 7.5mm AA Quality 51 Inch Cultured Pearl Necklace
  • Item #: 775AA36
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7 x 7.5mm - Generally for younger women, 18 to 25 years This is the best size for a starter necklace for a younger woman. It's the necklace she wears for her first day of work as a career woman. It's very popular as a college graduation gift and a wedding-day gift from the groom, and is also great for new mothers and just about any worthy occasion in a young woman's life: Valentine's Day, Secretary's Day, Mother's Day, a baby shower, or a "just to say I love you" present This "7x7.5mm AA QUALITY" Cultured Pearl Strand is 16 inches long and comes with a 14K yellow gold fishook clasp. This is the second highest grade of of pearls available. All the pearls on the necklace are high luster, round shape, pink bodycolor, rosť or silver overtones and with a very clean surface. What distinguishes the "AAA Quality" from the "AA Quality" is the amount of luster. The pearls have a very thick nacre (coating). We string the pearls on silk thread by hand. A one week money back guarantee is offered with this strand.