10.5mm to 14.6mm Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace - 16 inches

Product ID: SSNML910

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9  x 10mm  Australian South Sea Pearl Bracelet - $1800
9 x 10 mm Black Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
9  x 10mm  Australian South Sea Pearl Bracelet - $1800

9 x 10 mm Black Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Information
Item Number : SSNML910
Size : 10.5mm x 14.6mm
Oyster : Pinctada Maxima
Luster : Very High
Bodycolor : White
Shape : Round
Overtone(s) : Silver
Quality : White "A Qualilty" = Highest
Surface : Very Clean
Origin : Australian
Waters : Saltwater
Nacre : AAA Quality - Very Thick
Matching : 90%
Kind : Cultured Pearls
Length : 16 Inches
Clasp : 18K Gold Clasp
Stringing : Double Stranded Silk Thread
Graduated pearls have earned their place throughout history as a classic. In earlier days before pearls were harvested and cultured in quantity, Royalty was forced to create pearl necklaces from the few quantities of pearls they found by chance. As such, necklaces were always graduated as the likely hood of finding enough pearls of the same size to complete a uniform necklaces were nil. And so the Graduated Pearl Necklace was born; a collection all of the pearls one could find at the time, strung together in increasing sizes with largest most beautiful pearl placed in the center of the necklace as its signature. Graduated pearls are a classic whose look and style hold their place in history as the archetype for all pearl necklaces. This white bodycolor, silver overtone Australian South Sea cultured pearl necklace is skillfully composed of 35 perfectly round pearls. Known for their larger sizes, Australian pearls take the prize for maximum impact when worn around the neck. Where quality is concerned, you needn't worry. These pearls are perfect. Matching a necklace of this type is no easy task. This necklace is fitted with a 14.6mm signature center pearl, graduating down to 10.5mm on either end. The pearls on this necklace are strung on silk thread, hand knotted and affixed with American Pearl's 18K yellow signature Figure Eight clasp. This necklace is 18 inches long. $9000.

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