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American Pearl

8 x 8.5mm A+ Quality 51 Inch Cultured Pearl Necklace

Product ID: 885AP36

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8 x 8.5mm - Generally for younger women, 30 to 36 years. A classic strand that nicely straddles the rarity brackets because it's the first size of the larger, rarer harvests. So it says "I jumped to the next price tier" without actually jumping too exorbitantly. From here on up, the prices climb much more steeply than they do through the much more common first five sizes. Anything larger than those has to stay in the waters twice as long to have a shot at growing that large. The sizes from 8 x 8.5mm up therefore become exponentially harder to harvest, therefore exponentially rarer, and therefore exponentially more valuable. This size is more important-looking and expensive-looking than 7.5 x 8mm; it screams "successful woman here!" It can be worn with everyday wear yet also looks the part at a black-tie event, where a 7.5 x 8mm might look somewhat skimpy. It also makes for a good strand for collectors and investors; the doubly long submergence serves to protect the pearls' price and gives them the best chance to appreciate in value over time. This fine quality pearl strand contains pearls perfectly matched in shape, color and luster. This strand is an A+ quality, the second grading out of (1) A, (2) A+, (3) AA and (4) AAA. The better the grade, the more luster the pearls have. Luster is the mirror like quality of the pearl. It is the amount of light that reflects off the surface of the pearl. The allure of a pearl is it's luster. Higher luster pearls with an AA grade are more valueable than the A+ grade. This necklace comes standard length at 16 inches long. All the pearls are over 8mm millimeters and under 8.5mm millimeters. These pearls were farmed in the saltwater oceans off the shores of japan. This is where the inventor of the cultured pearl made his first round cultured pearl that changed the world. A great Wedding Day gift, 8mm x 8.5mm sized pearls are ideal for any women. 8mm x 8.5mm is little bit more important looking than a 7.5mm x 8mm size (slightly more youthful looking) strand. She can also wear this strand at work or dress it up for evening wear. This strand is the beginning of any woman's pearl wardrobe. It is 16 inches long and is strung with silk and a 14K Gold clasp. The quality of this strand can be seen in the chart above under A+. If you are interested in a a better quality pearl strand with higher luster, please choose AA. If this is the strand for you, please request silver or rosť overtones and order. Otherwise, please visit the links below.